With over 90% of people who have access to the internet through a web browser, web application development is one of the most significant technological development that has even been made by humans. This is mainly because you do not need to install an application or build software to access the web applications. They can simply be accessed through any browser, via a stable internet connection.

Some of the popular examples of web applications are online retail stores, online banks, online auctions, Wikis, blogs, document storage such as Dropbox, etc.


Web applications, often known as web apps, refer to the interactive computer programs that are built with web technologies, by creating web pages by using multiple languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVA, JS, etc. These web apps store and can manipulate data, that can further be used by a client to perform multiple tasks over the internet.

The heart of web app development is known as CRUD, which refers to Create, Read, Update, and Delete. This means that you can create, read, update, and delete any undesirable information from a web app at any time.


Our team at Creative solutions has a wide range of skilled, qualified, and experienced experts who can create completely customised web applications for your business expansion. Our experts are highly capable of designing a new web application for your business or updating and maintaining the existing web apps so that they are compatible with the current browsers, without disturbing the installed software on your devices.

Our web application development process has a short development life cycle. Our experts have mastered multiple coding languages that we use to create web apps. We generate the web pages in HTML to ensure that the on-screen display for the content in the web pages is visually pleasant so that it will drive more customers to your web app. Additionally, we use CSS to ensure that the information that is displayed to your customers is in the correct format. We further use several languages, such as JavaScript, that helps in making the online content for your business interactive for the potential customers.


Reduction in IT costs

The updates in a web application can simply be made through a web browser, without having to make any changes/updates on the organizational software. This leads to reduced IT costs associated with a web application.

Effective customizability

Our web app development services at Creative solutions offer 100% customisation web apps, that can be made from scratch. Our experts also offer customisability for your existing web apps.

Lower complexity

The access to a web app through a browser make it much simpler to access than any other development solution.

Cost and time effectiveness

The clients do not need to waste any time in installations or buying new software, as they can access your web applications simply through a web browser, over a stable internet connection.

No Installation requirements

Your clients do not need to install software, or an application to access the web apps for your business. All they have to do is access a web browser via the internet.

Expanded security

The web applications are accessed through the World Wide Web, thereby ensuring that any potential security issues or potential breaks on a web application are detected more rapidly than any other web development solution.

Our experts at Creative Solutions, can develop a web application from scratch, use a framework, or use a web development platform. This depends on your business requirements and goals. However, coding from scratch offers more flexibility than using a web development platform but is slower in operation and harder to understand. On the contrary, a web development platform is easier to understand and faster to use than a framework, but a platform is much less scalable than a framework. Thus, the selection of a web development platform must be done carefully, so that it meets all your business goals.

If you are confused or need more information to learn how we can help with web app development for your business, contact one of our experts today!