With over 85% of the people having access to the internet, owning a website for your digital business is not enough to ensure its success. It has become extremely significant to have a Google presence for your business as well. The digital business must be registered on Google and have a suitable Google My Business account, where the customers can find all the required details regarding the business as well as the offered products and services.

Additionally, more than 80% of the searches across different search engines, happen on Google. Thus, owning a Google My Business (GMB) account for your business seems accurate.


GMB is a consistent platform that provides the updated information to your clients across Google search as well as Google maps. This account helps you to share crucial information, such as operational hours, address, contact details, promotional offers, etc. for your business with every client who has access to the internet.
Moreover, it is a completely free tool that includes your business details, provides information about your targeted audience, and customer reviews for your services all in one place.


Google ADS is an online platform that can be used to advertise your business across Google search engine. It allows you to explore the benefits of online advertising by reaching your potential customers anywhere in the world at the right time, thereby helping you to create more traffic, more leads and enhance the profits for your business.
Google Ads allow you to appear on top of the list of competitors when the customers search for similar products as offered by your business.


Better User Experience

Our GMB and Google Ads services deliver enhanced user experience by offering transparency to all your potential clients, customer engagement services, and regular tracking of the accounts’ performance.

Customer satisfaction

The potential clients for your business is informed of any changes and can learn all about you through the GMB account, which will also be presented to them through Google Ads.

Boosted SEO

GMB is one of the most significant factors to impact the SEO for your website. We at CSIT ensure a higher ranking for your GMB account, which further boosts SEO and increases the conversion rate.

Brand Awareness

Our experts create an efficient GMB account for your business and ensure the implementation of successful Google ADS on the account, to ensure that you appear on top of all your competitors when the customers search for relevant products on your website. It further provides significant information about your business to your customers anywhere anytime in the world.

Higher conversion rate

Our experts ensure that you appear on top of the list of competitors during the local searches done by the targeted audience, thereby increasing the number of leads and the conversion rate of your business.

Regular updates

We ensure that the information on your GMB accounts is updated regularly so that your customers are informed of any changes and can act accordingly, which further enhances customer satisfaction and trust towards your business.


Benefits of GMB

    • Free and efficient customer engagement
    • Multiple communication mediums to contact your customers, such as phone, message, reviews, etc.
    • Free Online Marketing
    • Regular updates for business information
    • SEO improvement
    • Enhanced visibility on Google search and maps
    • Promotional offers for customers

Benefits of Google Ads

  • Better efficiency than SEO
  • Enhanced business visibility
  • Heightened Brand Awareness and Recognition
  • Reliable Performance Management
  • Appear on top of your competitors
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Influence more customers at the same time

Feel free to contact one of our experts today to learn more about the benefits of owning a Google My Business account and using Google Ads for your digital business. We will explain the available opportunities and guide you throughout the process of creating your GMB listing.