All the designers are artistic. But Graphic design and Web design are like two completely different professions. Comparing graphic design to web design is like comparing an iPad to a painting. Even though both are associated with the creation of visuals to represent and explain a topic, it is unfair to assume that both are similar.

However, the main difference between graphic designers and web designers is the freedom that they are allowed during the designing processes. The field of graphic design generally has extended freedom while designing the products. This is mainly because their work isn’t based o0n certain programming languages, resolution of their designs, or ensured speed for the web. On the other hand, web designers are restricted by the programming languages that they must use for their designs and are expected to create a design that ensures efficiency and speed when accessed through the web.


  • DISPLAY: Graphic Design mainly originated with printing, where the designers use typography, photography, graphs, and illustrations to explain an idea. On the other hand, web design is all online and can create a visual display of a similar topic, which can be accessed by the customers in various ways, mainly through the internet.
  • OBJECTIVE: Web design is always created by keeping the audience in mind, and how they will feel and react towards the design. However, the objective of graphic design is to communicate a message to the readers.
  • MOTIVE: Web design is generally created to implement and apply technological advancements. However, graphic designers are the artists who put their art first and create a product based on that art.
  • INTERACTION WITH AUDIENCE: Web designers have a mutual interaction with their audience. This is because the customers using Web design can participate and explore the art themselves, whereas graphic designers only have a one-way connection with their audience. This is because the graphic design can only be consumed by the customers in the same form as created by the designer.
  • RESTRICTIONS: Web designers need to be cautious of certain restrictions, such as size, load times, image resolution, etc. for every graphic that they add to a website. On the contrary, graphic designers just need to ensure that the content must be printable and convey the message through the visuals.
  • TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Web design includes several areas, i.e. web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and patented software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. In contrast, graphic designers need to be mindful of visual communication and communication design.
  • COMPLEXITY: Web design is much more complex, and includes coding, programming, engineering, etc. Whereas graphic design requires creative thinking, and concept development skills rather than any technical skills or experience.
  • SCOPE FOR IMPROVEMENT: Graphic designers have little scope for improvement and change in their work, as they cannot change their design after it is printed. But web designers can develop and enhance their work, as per the advancements in technology.
  • PROJECT TYPES: Web designers only work on digital projects, whereas graphic design projects can be written or digital. But the graphic designers are not required to learn any programming for their digital projects. All they need to do is create art on a screen, rather than a sheet of paper.

Web design and graphic design are still considered to be two of the most important arts, as both are visual mediums. Both these professions require creative thinking and problem-solving abilities and can only be done by experienced professionals. Both these impart important messages via a story built by creative design. However, it is very important to understand the difference between the two and choose a suitable design, as per your requirements.

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