WordPress is an Open Source Software framework that can be used to create websites and blogs by anyone anywhere in the world, just by accessing the internet. It is one of the most efficient and valuable platforms that provide useful content on the web. It provides a medium to customize any feature on your website, through the utilization of plugins and themes available within WordPress.

Over 34% of the websites in the world are built using WordPress. Furthermore, the popularity of WordPress mainly originates due to the cost-effectiveness of the software, which provides a free source to create a website for personal as well as professional use, thereby offering a wide range of default themes and features to enhance the efficiency of your websites. Some of the most effective features and benefits of WordPress are described below.

Features of WordPress

WordPress features are mainly classified into two sections, Client features and Developer features. 

1.      Client features

  • Simple, flexible, and easy to publish: The open-source software and diverse range of default themes in WordPress make it easy to understand and publish your website on the web within no time, and through very basic knowledge of the platform. It allows its users to generate any kind of website as per their requirements, by using default and free-of-cost themes and plugins in You can design pages, posts, and embed media in your web pages, and can publish your content on the web with just one click.
  • Client management: WordPress is highly secure and provides several privacy settings to its clients, based on their access to the platform. It allows you to set the privacy according to different operators such as administrator, editor, subscribers, etc.
  • Installation and Upgrade: WordPress is very easy to install and upgrade, by just clicking on the link here
  • Language efficiency: WordPress is available in more than 70 languages, thereby making it one of the most flexible web platforms in the world and allowing its users to operate it in multiple languages.

2.      Developer features

  • Theme framework: Developers can choose from the default themes or even can create a fully customizable theme as per their requirements.
  • Application structure: WordPress has numerous available features that lead to easy development of the applications, thereby allowing the developer to easily manage the functionalities of the user, database, HTTP requests, etc.

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is an on the web and the world’s most utilised Content Management System (CMS), that is free to use and is fully customizable. Moreover, it is easy to install and is highly extensible. Some of the additional benefits of WordPress have been mentioned below:

  • SEO: WordPress SEO is the arrangement of collective tasks that can help in an increase in the ranking of your website across multiple Search engines, thereby enhancing your conversion rate and business sales.

    SEO is built into the platform so that it automatically generates metadata, title tags, SEO-Optimised images for the posts on your web pages

  • Open-source platform and cost-effective: WordPress is an open-source and most cost-effective platform, offering no membership expenses for numerous themes and plugins, thereby allowing the WordPress developers to change, utilise, study the code, and adjust the theme on their websites easily, rather than developing the website from scratch.

    Since it is an open-source programming platform, it allows a developer to share the source code with other developers online and helps in saving development time and cost.    

  • Easy customisation: A user can easily customise their website using WordPress Customizer where all the settings are included under the WP administrator dashboard.

    Customised themes are designed to provide client satisfaction in mind, by authorising the client to alter, change, eliminate or add any required content that might be valuable for their website.

If you require any further assistance, feel free to contact our experts at Creative Solutions, and and we will guide you through the website development process using WordPress in the best possible way. 

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